4 Eyeshadow Products That Are Basically Watercolor for Your Eyelids

If I’m being completely honest, the main reason I love cream-based or velvety eyeshadow is because I’m a disaster when it comes to blending out a smoky eye—or any kind of eye—and these smooth formulas tend to make eye makeup attainable. But apart from that, I like that they can give you a sheer, yet still pigmented wash of color over your lids, often in pastel or pretty pale shades. Think watercolors for your lids.

And because that sounds just plain lovely, I've outlined few formulas that will get you that day-dreamy, whimsical look in seconds.

1. butter LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss

On top of giving you the prettiest, sheer wash of color a teensy bit of glitter, this also happens to be a GENIUS product for getting that editorial glossy eye . Win, win.


2. Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

Available in 10 different shades, this creamy yet powdery formula (it seriously feels like both) can be layered to build pigment intensity.

Chanel | $36

3. RMS Beauty Swift Shadows

So this is actually a pressed powder-based eyeshadow, but when you wet it, it glides across your lid and deposits a light, shimmery color you will adore. Bonus: All 18 shades can be used both ways, but if you prefer more intense color, stick to powder.


4. Flower Endless Wear Eye Color Ultimate Eye Color

Want the look for way less? Flower Beauty is where it's at! This little tub of cream-based shadow only rings in at $8 but looks super expensive.